These businesses used Two Factor Authentication

Cyber Thieves Steal $50,000 from Australian Real Estate Agent.
Australian Law Firm's Trust Account Hacked $100,000+ figure taken!

Think this won't happen to you?

Operation High Roller cyber attack targeted, both individuals and businesses, and stole about $78,000,000 across Europe, Latin America and the United States.
Hackers made off with about $6,700,000 from South African Postbank.
FBI forecasts that $154,000 per minute will be stolen from Small Business Bank Accounts in the US in 2015.

If it can happen to banks it will happen to you!

The Commissioner for Consumer Affairs in Western Australia, Ms Anne Driscoll, issued a warning to all SME's and spotlighted two examples where $50,000 and $19,000 was stolen directly from businesses bank accounts. She said the sophistication and activity of cyber criminal gangs is growing rapidly.

Answer these Questions to Assess YOUR RISK profile

Do you access your bank account via your mobile device?
Do you access your bank account via your mobile device in a public place?
Do you make regular transactions of $10,000 or more by accessing online banking?

If you answered YES to any of these ... then your bank funds are at risk

There is a Solution


A simple low-cost security device coupled with a remote security service operating completely independent from your computer network.

Secure. Anonymous. Untrackable.
BankVault's unique technology is immune to the software and remote hacking techniques used by most hackers to infiltrate your network. These hacking malware packages simply cannot execute or run on BankVault's unique architecture.

How do you access your online banking?

BankVault can pay for itself countless times over as using the BankVault service is like having a banking insurance policy, as you no doubt have with your house and your car.

By accessing your bank account with the BankVault system you've nailed the key risk factor of others hacking your business banking processes.

BankVault is the most effective insurance you can have for all your online banking needs, regardless of what bank you use or what they may say about their banking security.

Right now I'm just ...

Accessing my bank account by my smart phone / tablet app

You are the highest risk profile of any internet user of allowing your banking details to be hacked. You obviously have the wherewithal to overcome any losses to your funds. Each day you haven't been attacked is a day closer to when you will.

Using the protection provided by my bank

You are still high risk in having your account hacked either by your responding to a phishing email or a hacking attack. Having a dongle or SMS system is not the protection you require. You are also a day closer to when you will be hacked regardless of what you have been lead to believe.

Using BankVault

Congratulations you are covered by the highest protection available. Remember ALWAYS use a network cable to connect to BankVault , wireless is not secure regardless of what you think.


Choose your BankVault Access Point

Office - Multi User

Ideal for offices where more than one person needs access to online banking.
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Netbook Version

Suitable for users who require mobility or multi task at the same time.
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USB Version

Suitable for Desktops, Netbooks and Notebooks. No Does not allow multi tasking
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ALL of these options are required to be connected to your network by an RJ 45 network cable

If your bank account was suddenly emptied ... how long could your business continue to operate?

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